Let’s have mental well-being plan in distressing times

Let’s have mental well-being plan in distressing times

Let’s have mental well-being plan in distressing times

Rahul Bhandari, IAS

The entire world is going through challenging times. In these distressing times, when the pace of the world has slowed down, doing things differently is the need of the hour.

Henrietta H Fore, Executive Director, UNICEF, warns that the crisis is likely to get worse before it gets better. “COVID  - 19 is going to affect every aspect of our daily lives,” she says. She also advises everyone to take care of mental health.

So true! While everyone is talking about the effect of the lockdown on the economy across the globe, very few are concerned about the adverse effect the lockdown would have on the mental health of the people.

It is indeed difficult to stay indoors for any individual against his inclination to do so. The people in the lockdown are feeling anxious or sad. They are stressed, bored or lonely.

Under such conditions, the UNICEF staff counsellors recommend what they call “the well-being plan” for individuals and family.

The plan recommended by the noted psychology professionals may be summed up as follows:

Evolve a Routine.

Evolving a routine during the lockdown is a must. If you don’t have any, start a new routine. It is further recommended that one should get up and go to sleep at a regular time. They should also get dressed, exercise, take a shower, do the hair and also do the dishes (the pun is intentional). Do not forget to involve all the members of the household, including children.

Stay Connected.

Communication is the key to the survival and well-being of the human race. Don’t forget to connect with your loved ones using available means. Video chat with your friends and colleagues. Open up to tell how you are feeling and ask others how they are feeling. Connect regularly with those who are alone.


It is important to enjoy and keep oneself busy in such distressing times. During the lockdown, you can do what you always aspired for or dreamt of. Sing, read, cook, do puzzles, sew or learn how to knit.

Well-being Practices.

Turn to well-being practices. Exercise, spend good time with family. Everything has not been cancelled. Enjoy music, read, laugh and hope for the good-time to return.

As you work out a well-being plan, do not forget to

  • wash your hands frequently
  • maintain social distancing
  • avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
  • practice respiratory hygiene and
  • seek medical care early, if you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing.
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